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Babel Make  is a salad bowl set, perfect for daily use, to improvise a salad with floral aromas, to associate and compare multiple cuisines, create unique associations in the same dish.

Babel Make is an opportunity to unveil the artist who transforms the material from crate to pot, from ambition to recollections in order to share memory-dishes, emotion-dishes.

Babel Make is the new addition to Faux Semblants- a collection which perfectly represents the balance between design, graphics and practicality to create functional art for your home.

Ibride has been combining reality with the mystical to create unique and stunning designs since 1996. With a multitude of animals and enigmatic characters inspiring their wide range of home products, this French designer combines function and form with spectacular results.

Consist of 2 salad bowls Ø 18.5 cm, 1 dish Ø 18 cm and 1 cup Ø 15.5 cm

Material : Food-grade melamine

Exterior finish: white mat

Interior colours: predominantly grey and green

Dimensions : H 22.5 cm

Diameter: 15.5 cm

Weight : 1.3 kgs

Dishwasher safe

No microwave

Durable Tableware

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