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The Varina’s 5 o’clock tea

Teapot-characters ("Varina's) are a tribute to one of most emblematic traditional figures in the city of Lisbon and in Portugal: The Varina. The first series of this special edition is limited to 250 copies for each character. The design is influenced by the historical weight and imagery of the figurative bottles of "Maria dos Cacos", and by the artistic collaboration with the Storytailors - A benchmark in national fashion.


The pieces are made of fine stoneware, hand bathed in coloured translucent glazes and unglazed manually. This enables the washing in the dishwasher and the use in the microwave.


The box is made from microcellular cardboard around which is wrapped a paper sleeve which bears an exclusive illustration and a synopsis of the tale “The Varina's 5 o'clock tea”. Telling the story of the five varina.

Material: As described above.

Origin: Portugal

Size: 14.5cm by 17.5cm by 25.5cm

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