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Alma is a tray, used for serving guests, which can then be displayed freely on a wall like a pictorial work, a mythological painting.

Calm and serenity seem to emanate from Alma, even though she's wearing a blue crane on her head, who is staring at distant horizons, a few nomadic aspirations or guilty escapes to her apparent propriety.

Ibride has been combining reality with the mystical to create unique and stunning designs since 1996. With a multitude of animals and enigmatic characters inspiring their wide range of home products, this French designer combines function and form with spectacular results.

“Master serving trays or domestic pictures, the Galerie de Portraits plays a double game and escorts us from the kitchen to the living room with elegance.”

Mural Tray : Serving Tray

Material : High Pressure Laminate

Dimensions : H.44 x L.32 cm

Weight : 0.7 kgs

Good water and hear resistance

Dishwasher safe


Wall fixing included

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