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Osorio Yuan set of stackable plates and bowls from bride will surely impress your guest. The patterns take inspiration from the movie “”Val Abraham”” by Oliveira and more precisely by the personage of Ema, a beautiful yet innocent lady. The original designs are further elaborated with hydrangeas, old rose bushes and azulejos to put a contemporary edge on traditional design.

Osorio Yuan is part of Faux Semblants- a collection which perfectly represents the balance between design, graphics and practicality to create functional art for your home.

Ibride has been combining reality with the mystical to create unique and stunning designs since 1996. With a multitude of animals and enigmatic characters inspiring their wide range of home products, this French designer combines function and form with spectacular results.

A set of four plates can be purchased separately (see separate item).

Consists of 4 bowls and 4 plates.

Size, when stacked: Height 30cm and diameter 25 cm.

Material: Melamine

Made: France

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